Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kannon's room. Jerry was the interior decorator behind this project. My mom did all the sewing for bedding and curtains. Jerry's mom did the painting. It's pretty awesome. Hopefully the Raiders start doing better by the time Kannon is old enough to care.

Kloee, Kannon, Aunt Tasha and Grandma Viki

Some more pics of Kannon and Kloee. Grandma came to visit from California. It was nice to have her here to help out. Kloee was excited to have her here too. Kloee took the picture of me, Kannon and Grandma all by herself. She's good at taking pics I guess!!

More Pictures of Kannon Rock and big sister Kloee.

May 11th. We got our baby boy!! Kannon Rock Cowan. We are so excited. Kloee was so excited to finally be a big sister. She has been waiting and wondering when the baby was actuall going to come out of mommy's tummy and be here!! She didn't understand why it took so long.

Kannon is all ready to come home from the hospital.

Cake from my baby shower.

Kloee and Jerry jumping on the tramp. The do this almost everyday right when Jerry gets home from work. He bounces her so high. She loves it!!

Kloee and daddy at Chuck e Cheese's. It was the first time being there for both of them. Not sure who had more fun.