Friday, October 16, 2009



Summer picture that I never got on here!!

my babies

I love them!!!!

My guys!!

I am a lucky girl!! Look at my two studs!!!!

Little man

How did I really get the cutest baby boy ever!!! LOL JK, but he is dang cute.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


She fell in our new workout room and bonked her head on Jerry's weight plates. Lots of bleeding. No stitches thank goodness. They were able to glue it up pretty well. It took over 3 weeks for the glue to flake off and it doesn't look as bad as we thought it would. She ws very sad though

Stud Muffin

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fishing Day!!

Fun family fishing trip. Caught a couple fish and enjoyed the day. Kloee even touched the fish. Kloee said she didn't want to eat fish because that's yucky. So...we gave her some and told her it was chicken. She said it was yummy so after we ate Jerry told her it was fish. I thought she was going to freak out and then never eat chicken again for fear that it was fish again. Instead she said "REALLY...yummy, I do like fish. I can't believe I like fish." Funny!!

Drilling Champ!!

There was also a drilling competition in Dove Creek on 4th of July. There's lots of how they have to do it. If they don't do it exactly right, or follow each rule, they can be disqualified or have seconds added to their final time. They each get timed and obviously, the fastest time wins. Jerry's time was the fastest!! Yay!! Pretty good day...caught a pig and won a drilling competition. That's my man!! Walked away about $400 richer. Not bad!!

Get that Big Pig!!

We went to an old fashioned fair type event in Dove Creek Colorado. Jerry got in on the pig chasing action too. Only yes...he caught his!! I can honestly say I have never seen anything like it in my life. There was about 40-50 men lined up to sprint to this pig. The announcer says GO and off they went. It's a dead sprint to the pig. Jerry and a couple other guys are neck and neck, then Jerry cuts to the left and takes a flying leap at the 400 lb. pig. He wrapped up and didn't let go. It looked like a football play. I kinda felt bad for the pig. He probably didn't even know what hit him. It was really funny and really awesome. Never know when years and years of football will come in handy. I am proud!!!

Get that Piggy!!!

Kloee was in the pig chase in Dove Creek, Colorado. She was the first one to get to the pig and as soon she got to it, she turned around and cried. She was afraid of it. Then, she cried for an hour after because she didn't catch the pig. She said "I want my own piggy" and "I hate losin'." It was pretty funny to watch though. Maybe next year she will catch it!!

Hogle Zoo

We took Kloee to the Hogle Zoo for the first time. It was so much fun. Logan, Billy and Sheila met us there. Kloee and Logan are so cute together. They both had attitudes here and there. Made me feel better about Kloee's attitude. Kloee loved the giraffes. Jerry loved the bird show and I loved it all. Wished I could have seen the turtles a little closer. The trip was very special.

Living Planet Aquarium

We went to the aquarium in Sandy, Utah. Kloee loves fish and other sea creatures. She used to love octopuses until she saw this one in real life. It was moving up and down in it's tank. It looked kinda weird. She does not like them anymore... :) It was really fun.

Fancy Nancy Tea Party!!

Kloee went to a Fancy Nancy Tea Arty. It was so cute. The library put it on. All the kids got to get dressed up fancy and come for a tea party, stories and some crafts. It was lots of fun.

Princess Birthday Party

Kloee's friend Jocelyn had a princess themed birthday party and the girls got to wear princess dresses to the party. It was so cute and Kloee loved it. Jocelyn's mom made a big castle out of cardboard. Very creative!! Jerry said we can't do that kind of party for Kloee's birthday though. He'd rather have some kind of sporty party or something...

Family Visit

My Aunt Julie, cousin Kathryn and Grandma Sehi came out to Moab from California. It was so special that they made the trip. Kloee had a blast with my cousin. We went to the Hole n the Rock and took the tour and went to the petting zoo. Julie cooked some great meals that Jerry actually liked...which is hard to do because the guy is quite picky!!